you don’t know shit about me

you think I’m one to talk about my feelings and shit that’s going on when really you don’t have a fucking clue because I’ll never tell

Anonymous asked:
It's nice to meet you, Jenny. If you're sure you're fine. But, if you ever want to talk, I'm here.

Thank you lovely

Anonymous asked:
i didn't word that right. i've thought that you are my ex a few times, to be honest. it's just that, you seem like a nice person, but you're like, really broken and stuff. as for the work load, i get that. i really do. school sucks, and the teachers don't realize that some of their students are mentally unwell. have you considered therapy? as for the worrying, of course you're worth it. i worry about a lot of things. ah, what's your name?

It’s okay, if your ex is nice then we really aren’t alike I’m sorry. I’m not bad enough for therapy there are people who really need help I can handle this it’s fine. I’m jenny

Anonymous asked:
Granted, school and people both suck. Have you considered an alternative to school? I know an online program that's really great, and not that stressful. Sorry to bother you, really. It's just that, with your posts, I was worried you might hurt yourself. And, you remind me a bit of my ex, so the first ask was a nostalgia thing. Anyway, I'm Boaz.

It’s not the school itself it’s the work, and I just can’t be around people anymore it’s too hard, I’m just not up to socialising anymore. You shouldn’t worry about me I’m not worth it. I feel bad for your ex if I remind you of them. Hey boaz

Anonymous asked:
Out of a morbid curiosity, what can't you do anymore?

Any of this school, people any of it

I just want to get really drunk and high

I don’t think I can do this anymore I’m so tired of not being able to do anything